Wedding: Albums: Designer Flush Mount Book


The Designer Flush Mount Book is handmade in the USA and offers the perfect combination of classic and modern. The book features customizable covers (dozens of fabrics and textures to choose from) with your fully retouched photo selections mounted flush to the boards for a very sleek and sophisticated look.  

Just like the Fine Art Album, there are a wide variety of upgrades available on these books to really make them your own ranging from cover upgrades (two-tone, three tone, metallic, wood, glass, imprinting, etc.) to custom designed pages. Custom designed pages are those which have unique layouts on each spread. For example, like the Fine Art Album, one page may have three square black and white images while another may have a full color panoramic spread. This style album allows me to include many more images in the design than you would be able to fit in a “1 image/page” set up giving it a storybook effect and more modern look.