It happened again…

The #leaves on my #ginkgo #tree took one last breath and all in one night leapt to the ground, leaving my tiny yard a bright sea of yellow. There has been a lot of chatter this week about what was happening a year ago, many emails, posts and even a radio interview about photographing the #snowvember #stormknife, but seeing this bed of yellow leaves really took me back to how I was feeling when they fell a year ago and I took this same “self portrait.” The leaves falling back then served as a reminder that life can change in an instant, and little did I know how much a silly photo of a snow storm would change things for me just a day or so later. It has been the strangest 12 months of surprises and changes, but especially in light of what has been happening across the globe this week, I’m feeling more grateful than ever to be able to carelessly roll around in my leaves another year. 🙂 #itsnotaselfieitsaselfportrait #embracechange #fall #lindsaydedariophotography #seasons #autumn #selfportrait

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