Jena + Rob’s “reveal” – Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography

I love, love, LOVE when couples do a “reveal” or “first look” before their ceremony.  I recommend it to all the non-superstitious couples out there for a number of reasons.  To begin with, it gives couples a unique opportunity to savor the moment, to say “wow, you look AMAZING!  I’m so excited to marry you today” in a comfortable space without worrying about all the formalities and stiffness of the typical ceremony setting.  Couples who do a reveal are so relaxed come ceremony time and are able to just soak in the entire experience.  Beyond all this, doing the reveal gives yours truly all the time in the world to take beautiful photos so once the ceremony is over there are no worries about pictures – it’s simply time to party (:  Here are a few shots from the latest “reveal.”  I absolutely adore them!!!

Special thanks to my lovely assistant Lisa Cooper for helping me with this shoot!

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