Lewiston Art Park – Wedding Engagement Photography

Kelly + Brendan

As a photographer, it’s always nice to have the chance to photograph clients in places that are personal to them, but in this instance, Kelly and Brendan met me on my old stomping grounds, Lewiston Art Park.  I grew up close by and spent countless days wandering around the grounds as a kid.  I participated in all sorts of art activities on the ole’ “Art L,” creating everything from pottery to handmade paper and visiting the various resident artists to watch them create.  I attended art and theater camps here as well, it was truly a little aspiring artists dream.  As I grew older, Art Park lost funding for their programming and the property sat pretty still for some years.   I still wandered the grounds though, sometimes with a sketch book or a camera, sometimes with friends, sometimes just with my own thoughts, but the place has always been a sanctuary for me.

Kelly and Brendan were up for pretty much anything for their engagement session, they just wanted some fall foliage, so it was a perfect opportunity to take a little hike on the Art Park trails along side the lower Niagara River.  Many thanks to Kelly and Brendan for being so easy going and rolling with my more adventurous location ideas!  Can’t wait for the wedding next year at Statler City!

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