Mindy + Justin + Grace – 1 Year Family Photography Session – Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo, NY

My friend Carla recently used the term “legacy client” to describe someone she had worked with many times over the span of many years, and it made me think of who those people are to me.  There are a few people who I’ve worked with time and time again from their weddings to kids, to corporate head shots and more.  It means a lot when people trust me to document the times in their lives that they cherish so much, and so whenever Mindy and Justin ask me to photograph them, I’m thrilled.  I first ran in to these two at their friends wedding in 2013 and it was there that Mindy decided I would photograph her wedding, even though they weren’t engaged.  I respect that level of planning.  From there I took their engagement photos in 2014, made a surprise cameo at Mindy’s bachelorette and then their wedding in 2015, maternity photos and newborn photos in 2018, and now 1 year photos!   I’ve just loved watching Mindy and Justin’s love grow and expand over the years and spending time with clients who I have come to consider friends has been such a joy.

We ventured to Tifft Nature Preserve for this session and Grace was all smiles.  She’s just the sweetest little lady and it seemed she was just seconds away from walking.  We were determined to get her first steps on camera!  Alas…This was Mindy’s chair as a baby!  I love the history of it and the fact that they will have side by side photos of both of them in it <3Grace is such a little baby doll model isn’t she?  She was so, SOOOOOO close with these steps!!!Grace makes the cutest little scrunchy face that Justin definitely loves a whole lot – notice they’re making the face at each other here?Thanks as always to Mindy and Justin for allowing me to document your growing family and all the love between you – it’s always a pleasure!!!


Location:  Tifft Nature Preserve – Buffalo, NY

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