A Tribute to Moms with Photography for Mother’s Day, 2019

One of the funny things about photographing weddings is that a lot of people assume I photograph the same basic things from celebration to celebration.  Certainly a lot remains the same week to week,  I see a lot of white dresses and tiered cakes.  I hear a lot of vows and toasts.  But it’s not the same really.  There’s an entire collection of unique personalities who have an intensely deep history, and when together, they create a one of a kind dynamic.  What keeps wedding photography spicy for me is diving in to this dynamic and allowing a couples deepest, truest relationships to shine bright in their photos.

I see weddings as a culmination of sorts, the actual marriage is simply a capstone to an entire lifetime of moments that got them from A to B.  So much of that history, that collection of moments, is reflected in the eyes of those the couple surrounds themselves by.  As the photographer, providing the viewer of the pictures an outlet to truly FEEL the nature of these relationships, that’s what it’s all about for me.  Parents are undoubtedly the biggest reflections of this history in most unions.  And since we’re celebrating moms today – this post is about some of my favorite moments with moms this past year.

I’m not a mom.  Becoming a mom has never really even crossed my mind in any sort of serious way at this juncture in my life.  And maybe it’s just because… I get it.  The sacrifice, the responsibility, the time and attention, the capacity to love unconditionally, the list is endless and it’s a wild leap to take in ones life.  One I quite literally haven’t been able to wrap my head around.  A lot of my friends are moms, my mom’s a mom, my sister is a mom, I know a lot of moms.  And THEY.  ARE.  ALL.  SUPER.  HEROES.  I stand in awe of every one of them and their commitment to others.

So, this one goes out to all the moms.

The moms who prepare us and lend helping hands.

Moms who “can’t even” during life’s biggest moments

Mom’s who still have wise words, even for adults.

Dogs moms count too.  Don’t be a hater.

Moms who teach us about friendship, sharing, helping others

and then become friends themselves

sisters can be like moms too

moms who look at their children with wonder and pride

Mom’s who are still learning and embracing the ride (those lighters really are impossible sometimes)

Grandmas who have passed a strong legacy and soak it all in too.

Moms who aren’t afraid to be silly and enjoy every moment

Mom’s who support dads.

…and let everyone know it’s ok to laugh hysterically at his bad dad jokes. For the record, this was not a bad dad joke, this guy was hilarious.  Then again, I love bad dad jokes…

Moms who have adorably cheesy ideas supported by no shame when it comes to embarrassing you

This isn’t a mom photo, but to whoever makes kids this cute.  Props.

Moms who laugh with us and share their joy, unabashed.

Aunts who are like second moms, I had my share of those

Moms who are the best huggers, ever.

…and Grandmas who spark spontaneous standing ovations for all they’ve done

moms who celebrate us, with open arms

Mom’s who still fix our hair

And moms who uphold family traditions

to the moms who are no longer with us, your legacy is carried in these photos and our hearts

and finally, to some of the brides who became moms this year too

It’s a true honor to have the opportunity to immortalize so many moms in photos throughout the year.  Your support and love for your families inspires me every day.  Thanks to all the great moms in this world, nothing exists without you.  Literally.  And we love you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Reen - May 13, 2019 - 6:38 am

Lindsay, I love this so much. What a beautiful collection of images and heartfelt words. So well done!

lindsay - June 20, 2019 - 3:35 pm

Thanks so much Reen!!! These moments are what it’s all about (:

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