Tiffany + Vinny – Engagement Photography Session – WNY Southern Tier

When Tiffany and Vinny first contacted me about their engagement pictures, they mentioned some private property of Tiffany’s Grandfathers in the Southern Tier of WNY might be a fitting location.  This could have gone a number of ways, but I’m always up for adventure.  I made the drive, dirt road after dirt road, nearly hitting several deer, a bunny and turtle.  I eventually came upon a man (Tiffany’s dad) on a four wheeler who flagged me down.  I followed him up a steep hill and eventually arrived at a cabin situated on one of the most BEAUTIFUL properties imaginable.  Tiffany and Vinny’s vision was perfection.  We wandered around in some light rain from location to location and the whole place was just heavenly.

Many thanks to these two for inviting me out to this special place and all the best to you both with your wedding this winter!

bride and groom pose for engagement photography session in forest in southern tier of western NY near Buffalo

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