Simple and Sweet Living Room Wedding – Lewiston, NY Wedding Photography

You may remember this lovely couple from their engagement photos I posted in April (  Amanda and Brenden’s big day has since come and gone already and it was just the sweetest lil’ wedding.  It was a cool April day and this warm sunny living room setting was a charming and elegant space for their wedding ceremony followed by an elegant family dinner at a local restaurant.  The longer I do this wedding photography thing the more I’m really coming to appreciate days like this that are all about the good stuff, nothing more and nothing less (:

Special thanks to my spring intern, Holly Todd, for assisting me with this shoot!


Andrea + Tom – Engagement Photography – Chestnut Ridge / Orchard Park, NY

It was discovered during this particular engagement session that the key to adorably cute and kiss-y engagement photos is an awesome dog and champagne.  Lots of champagne. 😉

Andrea and Tom’s engagement session was filled with gorgeous fall color and a whole lotta’ love.  I’m looking forward to their wedding coming up this August!  Here are a few of my favorites from the session:

Kate G - June 29, 2012 - 11:36 pm

Really beautiful photos. Love the fall scenery and lighting. Can’t wait for the wedding!

Andrea - July 10, 2012 - 8:46 am

I love the new blog! Looking forward to working with you in a month!

RAW Files vs. Edited vs. Retouched 101:

Editing and retouching skills are a large part of what sets apart one photographers image quality and style from another.  A lot of people have been asking recently, “what are the differences between the RAW images that come out of the camera, the edited versions of those images and the retouched versions?”  The images from Katie’s senior portraits below illustrate all three of these – the top image is what a RAW file looks like straight out of the camera.  RAW files are dull and gray by nature because the camera doesn’t do any processing to these images (unlike a jpg file).  A RAW file is basically an image file with a TON of information in it so that it can be modified in post production without losing quality.  The first step after downloading the images from the camera is the initial edit – this includes adjustments to things like the color quality, the brightness, the contrast, etc.  You’ll notice between the first image and the second image the colors are adjusted to be warmer, the image has more brightness and contrast, etc.  From the second image to the third image you see the differences retouching makes.  This includes things like removing blemishes, softening shadows (under the eyes especially), brightening the whites of the eyes and teeth, softening the distracting highlights in the background, softening the fly away hairs, etc.  Got it?  🙂


Hellooooo Handsome!

Noah and his mom recently stopped in to the studio for some 8 month photos of Noah and he was alllll smiles for his shoot.  This handsome fella has been popping in every 4 months for new pictures – I’m really looking forward to month 12 when we get to put together a beautiful little album from all his sessions.  Here are some of my favorites from the 8 month shoot!


I have a new blog!  The old posts are looking a little funny, so let’s test out some new images to see how they look in the new format!

Pretty good, if I do say so!  (: