How I Know I Have One of the Best Jobs Ever – a Tribute to Megan’s Dad

A couple weeks ago, one of my wedding clients, Megan, wrote me to ask for any images of her Grandma (who had recently passed) to display at the wake.  I quickly shuffled through the collection to find some photographs and sent them off – feeling grateful to have had the opportunity to give them this memorial of their Grandma.  Then, late last night I received another email from Megan, this time letting me know that her father had passed away and to see if she could again, acquire any photos I might have taken of him.  My heart sank to my stomach – not again… With a heavy heart I closed out the project I was working on and opened the gallery from Megan’s wedding.  As I pulled image after image, memory after memory, the gravity of my career, this chosen profession predominated by lighthearted love and laughter, sunk in to a degree that only happens every so often.

As photographers we often dwell on the perfect image – finding the perfect light, the perfect angle… but subjects fall out of focus, drift into unflattering light, and as artists we are often quick to dismiss those images as inadequate.  But at the end of the day, what we really seek goes far beyond shadows and highlights, beyond color and clarity – we’re on a quest for a Moment – the image that connects, that lives, that breathes, that tells a story that stands the test of time.

Some might say we wedding photographers photograph the same subject matter over and over; a hanging wedding dress, some rings, a walk down the aisle, an embrace, a dance, a family portrait… the same thing, week after week.  The truth is, these photographs aren’t just pictures, they are a part of a greater legacy that is left behind when our time comes.

As I sifted through the images from Megan’s wedding, I felt sad for Meg and her family and also felt honored to have been able to have this glimpse into their lives and their relationships for a day, to give them these memories in photographs.  What a striking reminder to experience this life by living in it… fully embracing every day and every person with all you can.  It could be –

one last talk


and one last hug


a last walk


a last laugh



a last embrace…


Thank you to all of my clients who have given me the opportunity to provide you with these memories.  Your stories have and will continue to touch my life for as long as I am able to continue with this photographic journey.  You all inspire me each and every day.

All my best to Megan and her family during this difficult time.


Morgan - March 14, 2014 - 3:29 pm

I love this , thanks for helping Megan see light in a difficult time.

Carla - March 20, 2014 - 9:33 pm

Beautiful photos and tribute.

Jessica + Alex’s Wedding Photography – Portraits at St. Jude and the 20th Century Club – Buffalo, NY

Jessica and Alex, what can I say?  Easily the two nicest people I have ever met, with such a sweet and unique connection that made documenting their special day an easy treat.  We had a rare opportunity to photograph the couple inside the chapel just after their ceremony ended and we were able to have a lot of fun with the lighting and poses.  For such a teeeeeeeeny tiny little church it packed a big punch photographically – a rare treat for us (: Then it was on to the 20th Century Club in Buffalo, one of my favorite venues, for some more portraits around their gardens and an absolutely stunning reception.  I wish I had time to blog the entire wedding but the portraits will have to do for now!  Thanks to my assistant Chris Henneberger for helping with all the lighting!

Liz + Nick – Wedding Portraits – Buffalo, NY

Liz and Nick asked me to pull aside a few favorite images from their recent wedding for their “thank you” cards and I just had to share a few of them here on the blog.  Liz and Nick set aside a ton of time on their wedding day to shoot portraits in various locations around Buffalo and as a result we got a TON of variety.  Here are a few of my favorites!

New Parent Wedding Photography Albums!

Check out these brand new options for parent wedding albums!  These parent books feature the same sleek style and many of the same great options for cover materials as the Designer Flush Mount Books, but at a fraction of the price.  As you can see in the photos below, the pages are a little thinner than the Designer Book, but still offer the same great “lay flat” style.  The books can also be made with a photo window on the cover as well.  6″x9″ books (as seen below) created as duplicate copies of your Designer Flush Mount Book will be offered for just $450!  These parent wedding albums would make amazing “thank you” or holiday gift for parents (wink wink.. nudge nudge)!  Added bonus, these photography albums are handmade in the good ole’ USA (:

Check out the leather on that Designer Flush Mount book shown with the smaller duplicate parent albums… um… WOW.

wedding album and parent wedding books on table in photographer
wedding album and parent wedding books on table in photographer

As you can see below, these books are constructed from thick boards which lay completely flat so you can see every last detail of your images.

wedding album on table in photographer
wedding album on table in photographer
wedding album on table in photographer

If you would like to see more albums, you can check out some recent designs on my Instagram page here! You can also see some of the other styles I offer over here on my website!

Frank DiMeo - January 31, 2013 - 5:05 pm

Nice album Lindsay! Great photos too!

Trending: Paint Wars!

You’re first question, I’m sure, “what the heck is a paint war?”  I pretty much said the same thing…

This tradition has been growing in popularity recently as the Hindu festival of Holi has been celebrated on a more international scale.  The powdered pigments have been seen in music videos and television shows such as The Amazing Race in recent years.  The celebration serves as a welcome to spring – a way to say goodbye to the dark, colorless winter and hello to the arriving spring colors.  In this case, we shot the images in the fall and used liquid paint not powder but the analogy still works.  Here’s to the beginning of Brynn and Jake’s bright and colorful future together (: