Trending: Paint Wars!

You’re first question, I’m sure, “what the heck is a paint war?”  I pretty much said the same thing…

This tradition has been growing in popularity recently as the Hindu festival of Holi has been celebrated on a more international scale.  The powdered pigments have been seen in music videos and television shows such as The Amazing Race in recent years.  The celebration serves as a welcome to spring – a way to say goodbye to the dark, colorless winter and hello to the arriving spring colors.  In this case, we shot the images in the fall and used liquid paint not powder but the analogy still works.  Here’s to the beginning of Brynn and Jake’s bright and colorful future together (:

Trending: Bride Picks Her Own Wedding Bouquet (?! :D) – a DIY Delight

Jess was the second bride of the year to pick her own bouquet.  As we were leaving the house to head out to the ceremony Jess said, in all seriousness, “oh, by the way, I don’t know if you would want pictures of this but we’re going to pull over on the side of the road somewhere so I can pick my bouquet.”  My enthusiastic reply, “YES!  I DEFINITELY WANT PICTURES OF THIS!!!” Turns out Jess not only made her own bouquet but all the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces were hand picked by Jess as well.  Talk about DIY.

Queen Anne’s Lace grows rampant around Western New York in the summer time so finding this beautiful field was surprisingly cake, and I just love the resulting photos.  Enjoy!

Trending: Bridal Cowboy Boots!

I’ve seen three different brides sport cowboy boots down the aisle so far in 2012 – It seems to be a sure way to both be comfortable and have fun expressing your style all while driving the mother of the bride crazy  🙂  I know my own mom is appalled by brides in sandals or flats so I can only imagine how she would feel about the boots… but, hey, if it’s your thing, go for it!  One bride this year actually bought heels and promised she would wear them for the ceremony – she didn’t.  Hey, if there’s one day you can get away with being sneaky, it’s probably your wedding day (:  And what a great way to show off your laid back outdoorsy style for a rustic wedding.

Check out the boots Jess and her bridesmaids wore for her wedding day!

Molly + Juan – Lake Ontario Cottage Wedding Photography – Ransomville, NY

It was a quiet and tranquil Sunday afternoon when I met Molly and Juan at their cottage on Lake Ontario – right down the road from where I grew up.  Photographing a wedding so close to home gave me an instant connection to this couple, but the setting and romance between these two elevated this wedding to be one of my favorites to date.  We began the day by wandering around their property and the surrounding fields, taking portraits before heading a few doors down to Molly’s parents cottage (where Molly grew up) for their wedding ceremony and dinner.  There were 8 witnesses there, 2 dogs, 2 cats and it was perfection.  The ceremony site rested on the bank above a particularly placid Lake Ontario and was surrounded with the Christmas trees from Molly’s childhood (her father planted them all!).  After the ceremony their families gathered together for an intimate catered dinner and I was on my way.

As much as I love photographing all of the big and glamorous weddings, this is what it’s all about – commitment, family union, love.  The good stuff (:

stacy squires - August 19, 2012 - 4:10 am

these are great!!!

Jena + Rob’s “reveal” – Buffalo, NY Wedding Photography

I love, love, LOVE when couples do a “reveal” or “first look” before their ceremony.  I recommend it to all the non-superstitious couples out there for a number of reasons.  To begin with, it gives couples a unique opportunity to savor the moment, to say “wow, you look AMAZING!  I’m so excited to marry you today” in a comfortable space without worrying about all the formalities and stiffness of the typical ceremony setting.  Couples who do a reveal are so relaxed come ceremony time and are able to just soak in the entire experience.  Beyond all this, doing the reveal gives yours truly all the time in the world to take beautiful photos so once the ceremony is over there are no worries about pictures – it’s simply time to party (:  Here are a few shots from the latest “reveal.”  I absolutely adore them!!!

Special thanks to my lovely assistant Lisa Cooper for helping me with this shoot!