Morgan + Tim – Beach or Bust – Couples Photography – Lake Erie – Buffalo, NY

“seeking semi-adventurous couple for free photo shoot”

Those were the words I tossed out in to the weird world of facebook, in hopes of getting someone, anyone, to volunteer to indulge my weird ideas.  Some 50 people replied!!!  How ever would I choose?!  Actually it was pretty easy.

I think a lot of people thought I was going to draw names out of a hat.  Maybe that would’ve been the right thing to do.  But this shoot was for ME, a rare off season treat where I could just go shoot for fun, and so I decided to be a little selfish.  I hand pick these two deserving people and gave myself an opportunity to serve a couple who has been serving me for years!  You see, Morgan and Tim own two of my favorite restaurants/bars, Lucky Day and Ballyhoo, and so it was nice to give back a bit.  Not to mention these two haven’t had their photos taken together professionally since my friend Aaron Ingrao photographed their wedding out in San Diego nearly a decade ago.  It was time.  Plus, c’mon look how cute they are?!

What planet did you take these photos on?

Thought you would never ask.  Planet earth, actually.  The inspiration for this location came earlier this winter while photographing one of our lovely Buffalo blizzards for my “side hustle,” Reuters.  As part of that assignment, I was taking photos of a very frozen Lake Erie and noticed large buildups of ice forming along the break-wall that protects the city of Buffalo from some of the turbulent water that passes through this choppy section of the lake.  These icy towers looked awesome, but getting a couple out on to the break-wall was going to be near impossible.  I decided to wander further down the lake, past the break-wall, to see if the beaches there had this type of ice build up.  The first beach was closed off for the winter and the second beach had a lot of ice, but it was as flat as could be.  Looking back toward the city though, I noticed one small section of beach with what appeared to be the giant ice towers of my dreams, and I was determined to find a way to get to them.  That turned out to be not so huge of a challenge.  I drove down all sorts of random side streets trying to find an access point to this part of the beach, but it’s an industrial area that is completely fenced off.  Then suddenly, an opening in the fence with a sign that said, “park closes at dusk.”  It was a legit, completely open to the public, no trespassing required secret little beach that had piles of ice piles sunbathing upon it.  And so the shoot was on.

Kara + Eric – Unitarian Universalist Church, Duende at Silo City and Barrel Factory Wedding Photography – Buffalo, NY

Kara and Eric were two of Buffalo’s dearly missed ex-pats, we have quite a few of those around here.  But somehow, it took moving all the way to Austin, TX for them to find each other… meant to be as they say.  These two planned their wedding from Austin, and since the wedding have actually moved back home!  The timing on that I suppose wasn’t ideal, but we sure are happy to be welcoming these two back to Buffalo!  Kara and Eric are sweet and fun, a lot of fun, and our bright city is shining a little brighter with these two love birds in it.

I began the wedding day with Kara in one of the Hyatt Regency’s top floor rooms.  The views stretch for miles from up there.  I tend to think you can tell a lot about the way a wedding is going to go down by the brides shoes.  If this shoe/sock combo didn’t show all the promise in the world, I would have no hope at all.  Because, c’mon!!!

When your makeup brush looks like a unicorn horn… you make the bride a unicorn!Meanwhile second shooter extraordinaire Steve, met Eric, his ole’ pal from high school (small world!), at the new Reikart House, a boutique hotel in nearby Amherst.  Eric and Kara BOTH picked their sisters to stand with them at their wedding – a touching tribute to their families.We all gathered together at the Unitarian Universalist Church in the Elmwood Village neighborhood of Buffalo for the ceremony.  This church is one of my all time favorites for a myrid of reasons.  For one, it’s gorgeous.  The stone and wood give it a cozy feel while the grandeur and massive stained glass windows make it feel regal and fill it with beautiful side-sweeping light.  Add to that this church has been home to some of my favorite weddings over the years.  Close friends and clients alike have chosen this space, for all the reasons noted above, but also because this church welcomes all.  I’ve photographed gay weddings, multi-cultural weddings, even a Beatles themed ceremony here!  It’s a special place bursting with love and acceptance, and isn’t that what marriage is all about?Kara and Eric wanted a distinct industrial Buffalo vibe for their portraits and Buffalo’s Silo City/Duende area provides one of the most unique industrial landscapes I’ve seen.  We had limited time to roam around, but there’s always time for a swing.   That time we were just taking wedding portraits and a guy walked through the brush beside us with a 2″x4″ on his head… We capped off the day with a reception at one of my favorite new venues in Buffalo, the Barrel Factory.  This was my second wedding at this location and so far I’ve just loved the relaxed energy of the room and the cozy, rustic look of the space. 

Many thanks to Kara and Eric for having us document your day!  And thank you to all these venues and vendors who helped make the day so great!

Bride Preparation: Hyatt Regency

Groom Preparation: Reikart House

Ceremony: Unitarian Universalist Church

Portraits:  Albright Knox and Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park

Reception: The Barrel Factory

Florist: Savilles Country Florist (bouquets)/ Barrel Factory (reception arrangements)

Bakery: Carriage Trade Pasteries

DJ: Jeremy Grodek

Second Photographer: Steve Karosik

Kelly + Brendan – Lewiston Art Park – Wedding Engagement Photography

As a photographer, it’s always nice to have the chance to photograph clients in places that are personal to them, but in this instance, Kelly and Brendan met me on my old stomping grounds, Lewiston Art Park.  I grew up close by and spent countless days wandering around the grounds as a kid.  I participated in all sorts of art activities on the ole’ “Art L,” creating everything from pottery to handmade paper and visiting the various resident artists to watch them create.  I attended art and theater camps here as well, it was truly a little aspiring artists dream.  As I grew older, Art Park lost funding for their programming and the property sat pretty still for some years.   I still wandered the grounds though, sometimes with a sketch book or a camera, sometimes with friends, sometimes just with my own thoughts, but the place has always been a sanctuary for me.

Kelly and Brendan were up for pretty much anything for their engagement session, they just wanted some fall foliage, so it was a perfect opportunity to take a little hike on the Art Park trails along side the lower Niagara River.  Many thanks to Kelly and Brendan for being so easy going and rolling with my more adventurous location ideas!  Can’t wait for the wedding next year at Statler City!

Claire + Justin – Hyatt, Tifft Nature Preserve and Rich’s Atrium Wedding – Buffalo, NY

Welcome to Claire and Justin’s wedding highlights!  This sweet couple was easy breezy to work with, we had such a great time documenting their wedding from start to finish!  I began the day with Claire at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo.  They had an incredible top floor room with views for miles and a bathtub with some of the prettiest clean white light I’ve seen.  Yes, you can scroll down to see pictures of Claire with the tub, because it was just that pretty!  But first, Claire’s details along with this adorable custom pennant from Oxford Pennant here in Buffalo!Meanwhile, my lovely assistant for the day, Jenny, spent some time with Justin and the groomsmen at his family’s beautiful Parkside neighborhood home where they got ready.2018 was the year for sunny and hot outdoor wedding ceremonies, and Claire and Justin’s day was no exception!  Guests gathered (most under the share of a nearby tree) at Tifft Nature Preserve for a heartfelt ceremony next to a beautiful pond in the preserve.  Hot days like these sometimes means rings don’t slide on exactly as expected… After Tifft, we headed over to Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park, a place Claire, Justin and their friends spent a lot of their time when they lived in Buffalo.  I think it’s SO nice when couples are able to incorporate locations that are personal to them into their wedding photos.  It makes them all the more meaningful!  On to nearby Rich’s Atrium for the reception!  Williams Florist went all in on the greens for these tall centerpieces.  I always say, if you’re going big, you need to go high so guests can see each other across the table, but they really took it to the next level!Cocktail hour surrounding Rich’s massive double sided fireplace is always a hit with guests!Many thanks to Claire and Justin for having us document your day!  And thank you to all these venues and vendors who helped make the day so great!

Bride Preparation: Hyatt Regency

Groom Preparation: Private Residence

Ceremony: Tifft Nature Preserve

Portraits:  Albright Knox and Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park

Reception: Rich’s Atrium

Hair + Makeup: Delmonte

Florist: William’s Florist

Bakery: Rich’s Catering

DJ: Whirlin Disc

Transportation: Affordable Limo

Second Photographer: Jenny Link Kiefer

David Buck - April 17, 2019 - 12:23 pm

lindsay, you killed it! thank you for capturing this amazing day with such skill and passion. db

lindsay - May 8, 2019 - 11:22 am

You’re very welcome David, it was such a pleasure getting to know you all and documenting such a special day! So glad you’re enjoying the photos!

Jenny + Dave – Hydraulic Hearth Wedding Photography – Larkinville – Buffalo, NY

It’s easy to lose sight of the, “why” of our jobs, to get caught up in the busyness of it all and forget what makes it matter to us (and hopefully to others) in the first place.  The priceless refresher course for me?  Photograph people I personally know.

Every summer I head out on an annual camping trip with my boyfriend Paul and a group of his longstanding childhood friends.  We spend nearly two weeks on a picture perfect little island in the middle of an Adirondack mountain lake.  Typically there are a ton of friends around at any given time, but for whatever reason on this particular evening, it was just Jenny, Dave, Paul and me.  The sun was getting low in the sky and Dave asked if we wanted to go out in their boat to watch the sunset.  For whatever reason, we declined.  Fast forward an hour or so and we welcome Jenny and Dave back to shore.  Jenny is literally shaking and a sparkly new ring is resting on her finger.  Had we taken them up on the sunset cruise, who knows what/how that all would have went down, but here we are.

Jenny and Dave were one of those, “we don’t want a fuss” couples when it came to planning their wedding.  They wanted little more than a small, laid back celebration with the people closest to them.  As a photographer, I’ve been REALLY lucky.  My friends never ask me if I can, “just bring along a camera and snap a few photos,” and Jenny and Dave were no exception.  And since they didn’t ask, of course I volunteered.  AND I’M SO GLAD!!!  I’m happy to give my friends the gift of photos, but I’m also selfishly grateful for the experience of seeing pictures of people I care about behind my own lens.  It honestly changes things.  I pride myself on capturing my clients personalities, capturing the dynamic of their families and friends, but as an outsider, I’m never really sure if I have told their story properly.  You try to SEE people, like… really SEE them.  Showing clients how you see them is really one of the great joys of this profession.  But when it’s your own people, it opens your eyes to how much we as photographers really do see in others and how important the moments we capture really are.  Little facial expressions or hand gestures, some day those will all be gone, but the photographs that allow those intricacies to live on, that’s what it’s all about.  And I’m SO glad that these memories from Jenny and Dave’s wedding exist.  If these memories matter to ME,  then it also serves as a striking reminder of how special the photos must (I hope!) feel to them!

At any rate, enough sappy photo stuff, without further ado, a few of my favorite photos with my pals Jenny and Dave on their wedding day!  We started the day outside their house, a charming garden cottage in Buffalo, with a little bit of rain to keep things interesting.

From their house we headed over to Hydraulic Hearth in the Larkinville neighborhood of Buffalo.  An outdoor ceremony was planned, but we were rained out and so we gathered inside and got cozy instead.  The sun finally made an appearance after the ceremony ended and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day outside, eating delicious bagel sandwiches from Breadhive Bakery, playing shuffle board and attempting tandem cycling.  Thanks Jenny and Dave for a super fun day!  We all wish you the best!