Jill + Andy – St. Mark’s, Wilkenson Point & Kleinhans Music Hall Wedding in Buffalo, NY

When Jill first contacted me about her wedding photography, I remembered her instantly as the maid of honor from her best friend Jenna’s wedding.  Memories of bridal party members tend to come and go a bit over the years, but Jill had a magnetic smile that stuck with me.  So needless to say, when I found out I was going to have the chance to photograph Jill again, I knew I was in for a celebration filled with the happiest of smiles.  We started the day at Jill’s childhood home.  I always feel lucky when I have the chance to photograph clients in places that are so personal to them, places filled with history and memories, and to add to those memories on the wedding day.

Meanwhile Andy and the groomsmen got ready at the Embassy Suites in downtown Buffalo.  These custom sunglasses were gifts to the bridal party!

Jill walked me through her house and showed me a few options for where she could but on her dress.  I just loved all the history of her childhood bedroom, it was a no-brainer.  But… those clowns had to go.  Look at those things that watched precious little Jill sleep at night!

I guess the groomsmen stopped by this garage sale for some last minute wedding gifts?

On to one of my favorite places in Buffalo, Wilkenson Pointe, for some bridal party portraits!

Much like my love for photographing couples getting ready in their childhood homes, stopping by the place where the couple met is always such a nice tribute to how things got started.  We popped in to the Alley Cat in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood for a quick drink and maybe made a small scene during a fairly intimate open mic session but it was so lovely to spend a little time in the place where it all began.

On to Kleinhans for the wedding reception!  This National Historic landmark is a music hall and the home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Built in the 1930s by famed designers Eliel and Erol Sarrinen, it has a unique style that makes for a really special wedding backdrop.

Friends who mop up spilled drinks with this much style make for great wedding guests indeed.

Preparation Bride: Private Residence

Preparation Groom: Embassy Suites Buffalo

Ceremony: St. Marks

Portraits: Wilkenson Pointe/Outer Harbor Buffalo

Reception: Kleinhans Music Hall

DJ: Sean Heidenger

Flowers: William’s Florist

Bakery: Megan Kordrupel

Hair and Makeup: Sass Salon

Tiffany + Vinny – Engagement Photography Session – WNY Southern Tier

When Tiffany and Vinny first contacted me about their engagement pictures, they mentioned some private property of Tiffany’s Grandfathers in the Southern Tier of WNY might be a fitting location.  This could have gone a number of ways, but I’m always up for adventure.  I made the drive, dirt road after dirt road, nearly hitting several deer, a bunny and turtle.  I eventually came upon a man (Tiffany’s dad) on a four wheeler who flagged me down.  I followed him up a steep hill and eventually arrived at a cabin situated on one of the most BEAUTIFUL properties imaginable.  Tiffany and Vinny’s vision was perfection.  We wandered around in some light rain from location to location and the whole place was just heavenly.

Many thanks to these two for inviting me out to this special place and all the best to you both with your wedding this winter!

bride and groom pose for engagement photography session in forest in southern tier of western NY near Buffalo

Katelynn + Scott – Temple Hill Bed & Breakfast + Oaks at Livingston Country Club Wedding – Geneseo, NY

It was roughly 207 degrees out for Katelynn and Scott’s wedding, and somehow that stopped zero fun.  Well maybe a little bit on the broken air conditioner limo… but other than that, this day was laid back, beautiful and super fun.  We started the day at Katelynn’s Aunt’s gorgeous farm house in Geneseo, NY.  The bride and groom had their first look overlooking the fields and it was nothing short of perfect.

From here we went on to the stunning Temple Hill Bed and Breakfast for portraits.  Temple Hill was built in 1826 as a school and was later converted to a private home.  The grounds of the now bed and breakfast made a lovely backdrop for our pictures and the owners were ever so gracious with their air conditioner in between photos.  Thanks Temple Hill!!!

Katelynn and Scott’s crew rolls deep and were effortless to work with.  Big bridal parties can be… terrible.  These people were not.  Also, let’s talk about the palette of the bridesmaids dresses color coordinating with Temple Hill?!  It’s perfect.  The gowns came from Show me your Mumu and these ladies rocked them.

This lil’ guy is my favorite.We ventured on to the Oaks at Livingston Country Club for the ceremony and reception.  Guests gathered in a small shaded area off to the side of the ceremony area to escape the heat.  The seats remained mostly empty.  It was pretty hilarious.  This is Keith James.  Hire him.  Pretty sure everyone at this wedding got “ice’d” at some point.  The grooms brother delivered a great speech, but the tribute to their Grandma brought everyone to their feet and to tears.  Well done.  I hope I get this story right.  So.  Katelynn used to live in a house where one night they found jugs of moonshine in the basement.  Debauchery ensues.  Katelynn eventually moves out and life goes on.  Fast forward to the days leading up to this wedding, someone in this crew decided it would be a good idea to BREAK IN to this old house and steal the very last jug to bring to this wedding!!!  I’m pretty sure I just witnessed a bunch of people drink gasoline, but it was highly entertaining no less. 


Thanks Katelynn and Scott for including us in the celebration!  We had a blast working with you and your crew!

Preparation – private residence

Portraits – Temple Hill Bed and Breakfast

Ceremony & Reception – Oaks at Livingston Country Club

Hair and Makeup – Mackenzie Thompson

Live Music Performer – Keith James

DJ – Soundwave

Flowers – Ali Paige Floral

Bride’s Dress – Hayley Paige

Bridesmaid Dresses – Show me your Mumu

Second Photographer – Steve Karosik