Six Generations of Wedding Gowns – Rochester, NY

The bride’s (Meghan’s) mom asked if she could show me something I might want to take a picture of. We walked upstairs and there was this. Six (6!) generations of wedding gowns hanging in the window (one in the box on the floor).  That’s well over a century’s worth of dresses that mark the beginning of each of the marriages that created the women and gowns that followed.
I gasped when I walked into the room. I like pictures of pretty details as much as the next person, but I’m generally much more drawn to storytelling images. This was somehow different though. There was an energy in this room that was undeniable, the legacy of each mother was present in the space where Meghan would soon put on her wedding gown.  Dresses might be frivolous, but in a way these dresses represent what wedding photography is really all about – tradition, history, family, connections, legacy, togetherness, and of course, lots of love.


Six generations of wedding gowns pictured around bedroom window in Rochester, NY.  One dress is in a box on the floor, others hang from the curtain rod.


Here’s another for Grange Week! The Grange Community Kitchen serves up beautiful craft cocktails, craft beer and wine. I had to fight with a very sweaty glass on one of the hottest summer days to keep this refreshing drink looking picturesque for their website, but the struggle was worth it for this striking pop of pink on grey. 🍻🍷🍹

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